SQUARE is part of the University of St.Gallen and is curated by a team of staff, students and volunteers. The team reports to the university administration, with the executive director reporting to the rectorate. SQUARE and its intendant program is financed by donations from the HSG Foundation, the University and by income from external partners.

Full-time employees

Prof. Dr. Martin Eppler
Acting Director
Jacqueline Gasser-Beck
Supervision of curricular formats and event programmes
Sandro Ruegg
Head of Business Development
Guido Caluori
Head of Operations
Ernesto Coba Antequera
Eventmanager & AV technician
Dan Dürr
Larissa Nagl (Erismann)
Front Office & Reservation Manager
Branko Subotic

Student Employees

Besir Abazi
Event Manager - Logistics
Gentiana Berisha
Event Manager - Logistics
Quirine Cobben
Communication Manager
Fabian Giger
Event Manager - Logistics
Gianluca Häberli
Event Manager - Logistics
Fabian Ott
Cedric Sonnenberg
Event Manager - Processes and Strategic Planning
Paul Schmidt
Event Manager - Logistics
Igor Bezinarevic
Event manager - large-scale and special events
Flavio Wenk
Event Manager - Logistics