Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We receive questions about the use of SQUARE for events of all kinds every day. You can find the most frequently asked questions and our current answers here.

We are happy to answer any questions at


Yes, if an organised tour is desired, please contact with a date, start time and approximate group size. Tours are available in either English or German.

Please contact

For events, booking requests are accepted via our booking form on the website.

Group rooms can only be booked on a daily basis for up to 2 hours directly with us in the SQUARE office (11-1051).

We have facilities for up to 100 people. Details on technology, furniture and capacities can be found on our booking page.


SQUARE is a place for dialogue and exchange between all stakeholders. This idea should also be reflected in the event.

This can be achieved, for example, by

  • the participants of the event are already heterogeneous.
  • involving the students on site.
  • an additional workshop open to all is offered before or after the event.
  •  the topic of the event is processed as a blog post, podcast or video.


All details on pricing can be found in the price list.


Bookings must be requested at least 3 weeks in advance.

Booking requests are usually answered within 14 days.

Yes, but it has to be taken care of independently. Migros is the main contact for catering requests throughout the campus. When booking the room, please tick the catering option or contact with any questions.

Pure aperitifs, seated meals, etc. are not possible at SQUARE.



No, because Migros is responsible for the catering SQUARE. If you have any questions about catering, please contact

We have HDMI (video/sound), USB-C (video) and USB-A (audio) connections - we also have adapters with USB-C connections. If your device does not have these ports, please bring your own adapter.

We also do not have CD or DVD players. If you would like to use such a medium, please bring a compatible device yourself.

We will of course be happy to help you with set-up.

Immediately to the left at the bottom of the stairs in the basement is a white cupboard where lost property is kept.
Valuable lost property items is kept in the SQUARE office (11-1051).

Members of the university can log into the Eduroam network with their user data.
More info about Eduroam

Guests visiting SQUARE please register at our unisg guest network.
More info about unisg.guest

Mobile phone reception is limited in the SQUARE. Please use WLAN telephone.

  1. Use a RFID card (e.g., SwissPass, Student ID)
  2. To close the locker, hold the card on the button with the number and press it in. When you hear a confirmation sound, and the LED indicator light turns green the locker successfully closed.
  3. To open the locker, follow the same procedure in as in step 2.

If the indicator light turns red the locker hasn’t closed or opened. In this case, please hold the card in a slightly different position and try again. If you encounter any problems, please report to the Intendanz office on the first upper floor.

  1. Select free closing pocket
  2. Open closing pocket
  3. Pull out shoe compartment
  4. Close the closure pocket and shoe compartment
  5. Read RFID card (e.g., SwissPass, Student ID)
  • Navigation RFID reader: left button to select pocket number, right button to confirm
  • Hold your RFID card to the reader of the Zippsafe system and scroll the display to the selected number
  1. Close the bag
  • LED flashes green/orange: zipper or shoe compartment not completely closed
  • By confirming the selection, your locking bag is locked and the LED light changes to red

If you encounter any problems with opening the zip-locker please report to the Intendanz office on the first upper floor, thank you.

At SQUARE, we prioritize your privacy and the security of your personal data. When you book a room with us, we collect necessary information such as your name, contact details, booking date and time, and other relevant data to process your reservation effectively. This data is used solely for booking management, customer service, and as required by law. To ensure transparency and compliance with data protection regulations, we have detailed our data processing practices in a document which you can access here. This includes information about the types of data collected, the purpose of data collection, data storage, and your rights regarding your personal data.