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SQUALLY, developed by Navel Robotics, is a testament to the fusion of social design and technological innovation. It's equipped with advanced features that allow it to interact naturally with users, understanding and responding to their needs in real time. With its friendly and intuitive interface, SQUALLY is more than a robot; it's a pioneering step in the field of social robotics.


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MCS Integrative Master’s Project Contribution

MCS Integrative Master’s Project Contribution

Shaping the Future of Interaction: The Journey of SQUALLY at SQUARE

This project, led by Prof. Dr. Johannes Schöning at the HCI group, advised by Annika Kaltenhauser and Yu Sun and developed by the master students Atilla Güven and Phil Natter is a cornerstone of the Integrative Master Project of the Master in Computer Science. The primary goal is to bring SQUALLY to life within SQUARE, offering an interactive assistant that redefines communication and convenience. The development of SQUALLY involves creating a working prototype capable of processing user commands and providing real-time room booking information. The master students are dedicated to ensuring that every interaction with SQUALLY is seamless, enhancing user satisfaction.




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