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At SQUARE, outstanding minds from business, politics and culture meet students, lecturers and alumni. As part of the University of St.Gallen (HSG), SQUARE is an extraordinary place for constructive dialogue on the future of society and business. Facilitated by the curricular and extracurricular events hosted at SQUARE, experimentation with new formats is at its core to promote interdisciplinary learning. 

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Event Highlights Spring 2023


25th of February, 2023

SQUARE turns one year old! To celebrate, we invite the SQUARE community to the dynamic atmosphere at SQUARE at our «Open SQUARE"» day, where 35+ student associations, lecturers, and friendly institutions from the city of St. Gallen contribute to a stimulating and varied program.





Strategy Days

1st - 2nd of June, 2023

Want to gain a deeper understanding of the challenges facing Europe today and train the skills necessary to combat them? Then look no further than the St. Gallen Strategy Days, a two-day real-life geopolitical simulation exercise held at the University of St. Gallen.







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First sketch of SQUARE by Sou Fujimoto