Personality in Residence: Esther Wojcicki

How to change the culture of education with reference to ChatGPT


1st - 3rd of May 2023

Education is a vital aspect of our lives that shapes how we think, act, and interact with the world. However, the traditional education system often lacks the creativity, flexibility, and adaptability required to keep up with the fast-paced developments in society. With the rise of artificial intelligence and advanced technology, there is a growing need to change the culture of education to better prepare students for the future.
 As an AI language model, ChatGPT is a prime example of how technology is changing the way we learn and process information. ChatGPT represents a new and innovative approach to education that values collaboration, creativity, and adaptability over rote memorization and standardized testing. Still, it has its pitfalls and risks

*This text was generated by ChatGPT and then edited by the organizers.

About Esther Wojcicki

Esther Wojcicki is an American educator and journalist who is best known for her work in the field of education and for her role as a pioneer in the development of digital media and digital literacy. Born in New York City, Wojcicki began her career as a teacher and later became an education journalist and author. She is the founder of the Media Arts program at Palo Alto High School and has been credited with developing an innovative curriculum that focuses on teaching students the skills they need to navigate the digital world. Wojcicki is a frequent speaker and advocate for education and digital literacy and has been recognized for her contributions to the field with several awards and honours. She is also the mother of three daughters, including Susan Wojcicki, the former CEO of YouTube.


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