Law & Economics x SQUARE = LeSQUARE


Inspiriert vom Studiengang Bachelor und Master in Law and Economics an der HSG und der futuristischen Architektur des SQUARE entstand in Zusammenarbeit mit SQUARE die Law and Economics Reihe LeSQUARE. Im LeSQUARE diskutieren ausgewiesene Persönlichkeiten aus Akademie, Wirtschaft und Politik aktuelle Themen an der Schnittstelle von Recht, Ökonomie, Regulierung, Technologie und Gesellschaft. Gestaltet die Diskussion mit, lasst Raum und Inhalt auf euch wirken und werdet Teil der sich im LeSQUARE neu bildenden dynamischen und einzigartigen Gemeinschaft!

Nächste Veranstaltung:

Co-creation and black holes: How to make the invisible visible and what law, economics and management can learn from it

Join us on June 17th, 16:00-18:00 in Room 11-0051/61 welcoming the distinguished astrophysicist and bestselling book-author Prof. Heino Falcke at SQUARE for a fascinating speech on black holes and the power of collaboration for making the invisible visible. Following the speech, we will have an open discussion moderated by Prof. Ann-Kristin Zobel about what we can take away for law, economics, and management.
Questions that will be discussed include:

What can we learn about the emergence of institutions, “invisible” rules and managing interdisciplinary and inter-cultural collaborations from the Event Horizon Telescope (EHTC), a science breakthrough collaboration encapsulating 8 telescopes, 11 universities and more than 300 researchers from all over the world? 

How can we make laws for space that, for instance, prevent the pollution of space with waste? What laws and rules are currently in place? Who “owns” the universe?

What can we learn from thinking about space and black holes for sustainability here on earth?

Registration: Sign up via email (subject line: black hole) and your name to infole-foundation.com by June 13th. Thank you! Find the flyer here.

Heino Falcke is an internationally distinguished astrophysicist and bestselling book-author. In 2019, together with the Event Horizon Telescope Collaboration (EHTC), whose research council he chaired, achieved a world sensation: the publication of the first image of a black hole. Already in his doctoral thesis he dreamed of making such an event possible. More than 20 years later, he achieved his goal through a global collaboration: "With the help of the world, we had succeeded in creating this image; now we were sharing it with the world." The image was on the front page of all major news outlets across the world and was seen by approximately 4 billion people. Falcke is a Professor in Physics at Radboud University and a visiting scientist at the Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy. He received several research awards such as the Einstein Medal, the Spinoza Prize and the Henry Draper Medal of the U.S. National National Academy of Science.