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Panel Discussion: UN Peacekeeping And Its Future

Panel Discussion on UN Peacekeeping
Arrival of Nepalese contingent in Juba

Mo. 30.09.2024


18:15 - 19:45 Uhr



SQUARE, Arena A 11-2091
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Peacekeeping operations are deployed to reduce armed conflicts around the world. Yet, does peacekeeping actually work? What do peacekeepers do to protect civilians, to mitigate violence, and build sustainable peace? Why do governments in war-torn countries like Mali demand the withdrawal of peacekeeping operations? And what does the population in these countries think about peacekeepers’ exit? Given the growing numbers of armed conflict and rising geopolitical tensions, it is extremely relevant and timely to discuss these questions. To do so, the event “UN Peacekeeping And Its Future” brings together experts from different backgrounds:

  • Dr. Daniela Kroslak, UN Assistant-Secretary-General and former deputy leader (SRSG) of the UN peacekeeping operation in Mali (online)
  • Fabio La Nave, Lieutenant Colonel of the Swiss Army and former Liaison Officer of the UN peacekeeping operation in Mali (in person)
  • Matthias Rast, Political Affairs Officer at the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs and former Judicial Affairs Officer of the UN peacekeeping operation in Mali (in person)
  • Dr. Sara Hellmüller, Senior Researcher at the ETH Zurich and leading expert on UN peacekeeping operations in changing world politics (in person)

The event is organized by the Master Program “International Affairs” (MIA) together with the student-led Think Tank foraus at the University of St. Gallen. Prof. Dr. Hannah Smidt, Assistant Professor of Political Science at the University of St. Gallen, will moderate the event.


Language: English
Registration: None
Target group: Public event for students, faculty, staff, and the interested public