Our Mission


Universities are facing social challenges, volatility and uncertainty, and must adapt to prepare students effectively. SQUARE at the University of St. Gallen supports this change through innovation in teaching, cross-sectoral cooperation, and interdisciplinary dialogue. It is a testing ground for shaping the future of learning and opening the university to the outside world and graduates.


What we do


Guided by curiosity, creativity, and a passion for cooperation, we offer a variety of activities including:








Who we are


SQUARE, located at the University of St. Gallen, is curated by a team of staff, students, and volunteers. The team falls under university administration, with the managing director reporting to the Rectorate. The venue, program, and community are financed through private donations, contributions from the HSG Foundation, the University, and income from external partners.






Our Invitation


Join us as we establish ourselves as a learning organization in 2023. We are always looking for opportunities for exchange with other networks and institutions in the field of learning innovation and community building. We also welcome cooperation with new forms of cross-sectoral partnerships within and outside the university. If you're interested in hosting your next team event, open board meeting or innovation marathon with university students at SQUARE, please don't hesitate to contact us.