Welcome (back) to SQUARE!

Navigating through SQUARE has never been easier! Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a frequent guest, we’ve compiled all the essential information to ensure you make the most out of your time here.

Group rooms can be booked on a daily basis for up to 2 hours directly with us in the office (1st floor, 11-1051). 

For events, booking requests are accepted via our booking form only on the website. If a room is not used and unlocked, feel free to use the space. 

You can book the podcast room (1st floor, room 11-1123) by coming to our office (1st floor, room 11-1051). We would be glad to show you how to use the room (or see the "how-to use the Podcast room" in the "Set-up" tab on this page).

Yes, if an organised tour is desired, please contact with a date, start time and approximate group size. Tours are available in either English or German.

Please come to our office in the first floor, 11-1051. 

Please call the following number 079 500 74 77

We have HDMI (video/sound), USB-C (video) and USB-A (audio) connections - we also have adapters with USB-C connections. If your device does not have these ports, please bring your own adapter. We also do not have CD or DVD players. If you would like to use such a medium, please bring a compatible device yourself. We will of course be happy to help you with the connection.

Members of the university can log into the Eduoram network with their user data.
More information about Eduroam

Guests please register with our unisg guest network.
​​​​​​​More information about unisg guest

Mobile phone reception is limited in the SQUARE. Please use WLAN telephony.

To operate the moving walls, please reach out to a member of the SQUARE Team for assistance. You can find us at office number 11-1051 or contact us by phone at +41 71 224 76 39 for help.


"Sou's" offers an exceptional coffee experience and is available on the main floor to the right as you enter SQUARE from the main entrance. For your convenience, you can also find FelFel coffee machines and refrigerators filled with an assortment of snacks and pre-made meals both on the main floor and the 1st floor.

Sou opening hours: 

Monday to Friday: 08:00-17:00
Saturday: 08:00-16:00

Please come find us at our office on the 1st floor, room 11-1051 and we'd be glad to help you. 


Intendanz Office 
+41 71 224 76 39

Technical Support:
+41 79 500 74 77