Personality in Residence: Verena Pausder

"New Forms of Education and Empowering Entrepreneurs"

19th - 20th of March, 2024

"New Forms of Education and Empowering Entrepreneurs"

19th - 20th of March, 2024

We are excited to welcome Verena Pausder as Personality in Residence at SQUARE this 19th and 20th of March. As German entrepreneur, investor and passionate advocate for educational innovation, Verena Pausder is at the forefront of transforming learning and entrepreneurship. During her residency, she will address the topic "New forms of education and the promotion of entrepreneurship" and share her insights on the use of digital platforms to foster entrepreneurship among youth. In her discussions, she will highlight ways to nurture a new generation of innovators who have the skills and confidence to succeed in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

About Verena Pausder

Verena Pausder is renowned for her dedication to enhancing digital literacy and fostering entrepreneurial skills among the youth. With a portfolio of successful ventures, she has established herself as a leading figure in the digital education space. As the founder of "Digitale Bildung für alle e.V.," she has significantly contributed to making digital learning accessible to children and adolescents. Beyond her work in education, Verena serves as the chairwoman of the German Start-ups Association, advocating for a vibrant start-up ecosystem. Her commitment extends to sports and social initiatives, including co-founding the FC Viktoria Berlin women's soccer team and initiating STARTUP TEENS program to encourage young women to pursue entrepreneurial paths.


Verena Pausder truly left an impression on us with her empowering visit at SQUARE as Personality in Residence. Leading the way in making digital education accessible for kids in Germany, this successful entrepreneur, investor, author, and podcast host shared her insights on issues impacting our society and economy.

She addressed the importance of women "leaning in" and advocating for themselves during the Unplugged special. Pausder shared her journey to becoming a top female entrepreneur in Germany, highlighting the role of perseverance over obstacles. She emphasized the three key factors for startup success: topic, team, and timing, with timing being the hardest to predict. She inspired and motivated us with her ability to juggle learning, family, and a hectic work schedule.

At events like the ETP Pitching event and her visit to Startfeld - Startup support of the Switzerland Innovation Parc East, emerging and established startups introduced themselves to her, and she guided them on scaling their businesses.

Her words to students: "Be courageous and dare to do things no one expects from you. Become a Rockstar."

Thank you, Verena Pausder, for sharing your journey and advice. Your visit was truly impactful, and you're always welcome back at SQUARE.


Verena Pausder: ‘Sometimes an idea doesn't fly and that's okay’

In this episode, we talk to Verena Pausder about the many facets of starting a business. Sometimes you are ahead of your time, but perhaps the market is not yet ready for your idea. Sometimes you want to make a big revolution or just fill a small gap in the market. Verena has been through it all and shares her experiences with us - there's something for everyone to learn.
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