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Unlocking Developer Productivity at Microsoft: Every Second Counts with Brian Houck


Tue. 12.03.2024


14:15 - 16:15



Universit├Ąt St.Gallen, Raum A 01-307




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Unlocking the productive potential of engineer teams is about more than just software tools, it's about shifting the focus back to the driving force behind it all: the developers themselves. Join us for a discussion on how Microsoft uses a blend of research techniques to build an understanding of the human factors that impact developer productivity, and what they do about it. We'll share the practical tips and strategies that their teams use to measurably improve their developer experiences. Which metrics does Microsoft use to measure their developer experiences (and why)? What is the impact of meetings on productivity? How does the day of the week impact code throughput? How much does dealing with bureaucratic toil make developers want to quit? What is the #1 most frequently cited workplace challenge amongst developers across the entire industry? Learn the answers to these questions and more!

About Brian Houck: 

As a Productivity Engineer at Microsoft, Brian Houck specializes in elevating the wellbeing and productivity of internal engineering teams. His mission goes beyond mere metrics; it's about humanizing the workplace. Through his research into tooling, processes, and cultural dynamics, Brian has successfully implemented strategies that not only boost efficiency, but also foster a collaborative and satisfying work environment. Brian takes human-centered approach, focusing on improving the day-to-day experiences for developers. This philosophy has led to multiple company-wide initiatives and policies that have measurably enhanced team dynamics and productivity. His passion lies in continually exploring innovative ways to improve our work culture, ensuring that every individual feels valued, motivated and productive.


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Event series: Computer Science Insights @HSG - School of Computer Science
Language: English