Michael Hilti 

Panel Discussion: Corporate Culture a Never-Ending Journey


Tue. 25.06.2024


18:30 - 20:00


Michael Hilti
Eivind Slaan
Heike Bruch


Hilti Innovation Room 2, 11-1081


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Every student at HSG has probably encountered the question: "But what exactly is culture?" What does it encompass? How do we establish and maintain a robust corporate culture, and how do we align this culture with strategy? It's challenging to identify a company with a more esteemed corporate culture than Hilti. We will delve into the Hilti Journey, focusing on the two pivotal elements of cultivating this culture, with insights from Eivind Slaaen, the longstanding Head of People & Culture Development, and Michael Hilti himself.

Join us for an enlightening exploration into the most fundamental aspect of conducting business.


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Who: Michael Hilti, Prof. Dr Heike Bruch (Leadership Professor), Eivind Slaaen (Senior VP HR & Head of People & Culture Development at Hilti), Cyrill Tadros (Moderator)