The SQUARE at the University of St. Gallen not only embodies an outstanding architectural masterpiece, but is also of central importance for the academic and curricular perspective of the university. It acts as a testing ground for innovative teaching and learning approaches, with an area of 7800 square metres offering space for a wide range of events - from lectures to creative workshops. This experimental approach gives rise to new teaching methods that help to sustainably improve the quality of curricular programmes.

An essential component of SQUARE is interdisciplinary exchange. The building deliberately creates interfaces between different faculties and degree programmes in order to facilitate a fruitful combination of ideas and approaches from different disciplines. This not only promotes the interdisciplinary nature of teaching, but also contributes to the development of innovative solutions for complex challenges. This creates an environment that favours exchange between participants and helps to broaden the view beyond the boundaries of individual disciplines.

In its curricular role, SQUARE plays a decisive role in the design and further development of academic programmes at the University of St.Gallen. It creates a dynamic environment that specifically supports innovation and excellence in teaching and makes a sustainable contribution to curricular diversity and quality.