Concept of SQUARE and its Architecture

The SQUARE was created based on the idea of Japanese architect Sou Fujimoto, with which he won the architecture competition "Open Grid - Choices of tomorrow". Construction began in November 2019 and after a construction period of two years, the SQUARE was completed in November 2021. The official opening took place in February 2022. The building has a usable area of 7800 m2 with additional green areas on the terraces of 770 m2. The costs totalled 63 million Swiss francs, which were raised entirely through donations from alumni, companies and other donors.



SQUARE Sponsors and Donors

The Donors' Lounge on the ground floor was created in honour of the sponsors and donors. The lounge is used by students, lecturers and other visitors as a place to relax, take a break or hold discussions.


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