St.Gallen Strategy Days
1st - 2nd of June, 2023


Boost your strategic leadership skills at the St. Gallen Strategy Days.
Shape the Future of European Politics in a Hands-On Simulation led by industry
experts and thought leaders.


What would you do if you oversaw a country's defense budget with a war raging on the European continent? How would you address the challenges of transitioning to renewable energy while balancing the needs of industry and the environment? Look no further than the St.Gallen Strategy Days. Take on the role of a politician or CEO and immerse yourself  in a two-day real-life geopolitical simulation exercise designed to make you a better strategic leader.



Why attend?


The Strategy Days offer you a unique opportunity to:

- Develop strategic thinking and leadership skills through participation in a real-life geopolitical case study.

- Take part in masterclasses on strategy, leadership, and negotiation to gain practical skills for your professional and academic pursuits. 

- Learn from industry expert and thought leaders on the challenges and opportunities facing Europe.

Apply and learn about foresight:  Develop solutions for (future) challenges in European politics, economy, defense, energy, and climate through team collaboration and individual leadership.


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What to Expect


As a participant, join 150 students and young professionals in 30-40 teams, to simulate the decision-making processes of governments, international organizations, and private sector companies.

Work together to address a range of challenges based on current issues in politics, economy, defense, energy, and climate and develop solutions to these challenges. You'll be guided by expert speakers and facilitators to not only gain valuable insights into Europe’s current issues, but also to develop and practice strategic leadership skills.

The experience does not stop there. Attend masterclasses led by experts in the field of strategy, leadership, and negotiation, and gain practical insight on how to use serious gaming, foresight and simulation in business and academia.

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Design & Content Team


The following team of experts is behind designing and programming the “St. Gallen Strategy Days” in conjunction with then team of SQUARE, faculty of the university of St. Gallen and student clubs and associations.

Diederik Stolk

Diederik is the Director of Goldsworthy, Stolk & Associates Ltd. GS&A and an expert in modeling and simulation for NATO's Civil Military Interaction (CIMIC) Center of Excellence. He co-founded the Utrecht Institute for Conflict and Crisis Simulation and gives guest lectures on serious gaming at universities. He will soon be a European board member for Commit Global, an NGO focused on using technology for social good. GS&A develops and facilitates military games and exercises for European governments on topics such as conflict, AI, and command & control.


Lucia Andrea Goerke

Lucia Görke is the Global Head of People Analytics at Novelis and a former Data Analyst and Employee Experience Lead at Nestlé. She holds a PhD from the University of Konstanz and NYU and has worked as a consultant in financial services. Lucia has also held multiple positions at Allianz SE and currently teaches at the University of St. Gallen.

Tim Goudriaan

Tim Goudriaan runs educational platform Teachmehowtodothat and is co-founder of the Utrecht Institute for Crisis and Conflict Simulation. He serves on the board of gaming and simulation association SAGANET, and writes about serious gaming for media such as PAXSIMS and Homo Ludens. Other than games, Tim builds eLearning modules and gives AI-trainings that focus on security, business and education. He specializes in the Middle East, Eastern Europe and East Asia. He has taught on war games and conflict simulations at Utrecht University and University College Utrecht for several years.

Niklas Koch

HSG Student in the 5th semester of the International Affairs Bachelor program. Former participant in "Leading in Crisis" course and intern at the Utrecht Institute for Crisis and Conflict Simulation.

Fiona Lehman

HSG student in the 7th semester of the International Affairs Bachelor program, serious gaming enthusiast.