Personality in Residence: Lisa Yasko

«Ukrainian Power: Women, Tech & Humanity»


24th - 25th April 2023


The term Ukrainian Power gained traction in recent years, particularly in reference to the country's role in the political landscape and its technological advancements. Ukrainian Power encompasses the country's spirit of resilience, innovation, and determination to succeed despite challenging circumstances, especially with regards to the ongoing war with Russia. Lisa Yasko, member of the Ukrainian parliament, producer, musician and ambassador for Ukrainian culture, wants to put Ukraine back on the map and showcase, what defines the Ukrainian culture and strength, the role women and technology play in its success, and how to stay positive and connected amidst the difficult circumstances.

About Lisa Yasko

Lisa Yasko is a Member of Parliament at Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. She is also Member of the Foreign Affairs Committee and Member of the Ukrainian Delegation at PACE. Furthermore, she has founded Yellow Blue Strategy, with the goal to introduce an international audience to Ukrainian culture. She is also an active producer and musician. 

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Lisa Yasko's events

25. April 202318:00 - 19:30
Ukrainian Power: Hope, Love and perseverance - A conversation between Ukrainian Artist Elena Subach & Politician Lisa Yasko


Join us for an inspiring evening celebrating Ukrainian art and culture. SQUARE is proud to showcase Elena Subach’s latest exhibition, “Chairs”, featuring a series of striking photographs and objects depicting the refugee situation at the beginning of the war at the Ukrainian-Slovakian boarder, where Ukrainian families where separated for an indefinite time. The exhibition explores the theme of love, perseverance and hope in the face of adversity.

Following the vernissage, Elena will be joined by Lisa Yasko, a member of the Ukrainian Parliament and our Personality in Residence, for a thought-provoking discussion on the meaning behind the "Chairs" project. Together, they will explore how the Ukrainian people are responding to the ongoing conflict in their country, and how hope, love, and resilience continue to shine through despite the challenges.

To close the evening, Lisa Yasko will treat us to a special musical and poetic performance titled "Yellow-blue Night," showcasing the richness and diversity of Ukrainian culture through song, dance, and spoken word.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to engage with some of Ukraine's most talented artists and thinkers, and to discover the beauty and resilience of this remarkable country.

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Lisa Yasko