Sou Fujimoto 

University Walkthrough with Sou and Architektur Werkstatt St. Gallen


Di. 13.02.2024


09:00 - 12:00 Uhr



HSG, Hauptgebäude 01



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In this exclusive walkthrough for University members, the team from ArchitekturWerkstatt St. Gallen will highlight the unique architectural features of the University of St. Gallen. Engaging in a dialogue with Sou Fujimoto, the team will lead you through the University's architectural heritage. Additionally, Yvette Sanchez will provide insights into the art exhibited at the University. The tour will conclude at SQUARE, where attendees will gather to discuss Sou Fujimoto's vision for the space. In this session, Albert Kriemler will join the conversation, exploring Sou's artistic inspiration and the adaptation of Sou's SQUARE in forms beyond its original intent.


Target Audience: University Members (Students, Faculty, Alumni, Donors, etc). 
Format: Walkthrough
Speakers: ArchitekturWerkstatt St. GallenYvette SanchezAlbert Kriemler
Start point: HSG Main Building (01)


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