HSG Ethnography Talks HS23 - Decoloniality: practices and ethics of knowledge production (Roundtable)


Mo. 18.12.2023


10:15 - 11:45 Uhr



SQUARE, Arena A 11-2091
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Serena Dankwa (University of Basel), Mukuka Kasonde (University of
Huddersfield), Felicia Afriyie (University of St. Gallen) Convenor: Rita
Kesselring (university of St. Gallen)

Meeting-ID: 660 1785 6792 Kenncode: 671963

Decoloniality is both a praxis of liberation in the Global South, a
theoretical, feminist, political and epistemological project, a call for action
to delink the colonial past and rebuild future possibilities, a pedagogy – and
much more. In thisroundtable, we engage with this contemporary debate which
attempts to de-link from Western thinking in the social sciences and humanities
, and beyond. The roundtable brings together three scholars working on and
practicing decoloniality. Dr. SerenaDankwa is a post-doctoral researcher and
lecturer at the Institute of Social Anthropology, University of Basel;Mukuka
Kasonde is a PhD candidate in Business and Management Studies at the University
of Huddersfield, UK; and Felicia Afriyie is a PhD candidate at the chair of
Urban Studies, University of St. Gallen.The following questions will guide the
session: how can colonial damage be undone, and how can new knowledge and ways
of relatingemerge? The three speakers will discuss actual and possible
decolonialpractices and the foundations for a new ethics of knowledge production.

Prof. Dr. Jelena Tošić, Assistant Professor of Transcultural Studies