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Google x ACM HSG - The Software Engineering Career


Do. 07.03.2024


17:00 - 18:30 Uhr



Hilti Innovation Room 1, 11-1071



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Do you want to apply to a tech company after graduation? Do you have an upcoming job interview as a software engineer? Do you want to plan your career (many years) ahead? Then join us at "ACM HSG x Google - The Software Engineering Career". Luis Quesada Torres works as a Senior Engineering Manager at Google. Over the course of ninety minutes he will tell you about his professional life, help you plan to have a great resume, guide you on preparing to pass technical interviews, and answer (most of) the questions you might have. Take this opportunity and gain insight into your potential future in the industry.

Language: English
Speaker:  Luis Quesada Torres, Senior Engineering Manager at Google
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Organizer: ACM Chapter Uni St. Gallen

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