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Computer Science Insights Talk, School of Computer Science Dr. Zhang Chengyu (ETH Zurich)


Do. 15.02.2024


13:30 - 15:00 Uhr



Arena, 11-2091



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Software verification lies at the heart of building reliable software.Consequently, the dependability of verification tools is pivotal for softwarereliability. It is thus critical to develop effective methodologies andpractical tools to help solidify the foundational verification tools. In this talk, I will present effective techniques and extensive effort for uncoveringnumerous bugs in modern SMT solvers and software verification tools. The talk will focus on both the theoretical and practical challenges of solidifying theverification foundations and introduce the latest advances.

About Chengyu Zhang:

Chengyu Zhang, a postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Computer Science at ETH Zurich, is dedicated to pioneering both fundamental and practical advancements that enhance software reliability. His research expertise encompasses programming languages, software engineering, and formal methods. Zhang has contributed significantly to the field, serving as the co-chair for artifact evaluation at OSDI and ATC 2022, and as a reviewer for TOSEM and TSE. His commitment to the field is further exemplified through his role as a program committee member for ASE 2024, ECOOP 2023, and ESEC/FSE 2023, where he received a Distinguished Reviewer Award. Zhang's contributions have been recognized with a PLDI Distinguished Paper Award and a Google Open Source Peer Bonus. His work has also garnered support through the Amazon Research Award and the CCF-ANT Research Award.


Target Audience: Everyone interested
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Format: Discussion
Language: English