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Collective Calm - A Meditation Gathering

Experience the power of meditation & mindfulness shared as a Community.

Do. 12.12.2024


18:30 - 19:30 Uhr



Vadian/Gallus, 11-0111/101


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Meditation is a powerful self-practice. But what happens when dozens
of people come to be silent, together?

Join us on Thursday 12th December 2024 for our 4th ‘mass meditation’ event at
Square! We are back for another edition of ‘Collective Calm', always seeking to
bring more people together to experience the power of meditation and community
at the heart of Square.

Organised by Unisports and led by yoga & meditation teacher Anne Eberhardt
from Bubble Yoga, this event aims at making meditation accessible to as many
people as possible. We know that meditation & mindfulness practices, although
incredibly helpful to support mental & emotional regulation, can be difficult
to approach. This event is an invitation to not only experience mindfulness in
a fully guided environment, but also to connect to others in a unique way,
embracing the nourishing feeling of togetherness & community.

Starting with a combinaison of mindfulness practices to foster connection &
presence and journaling exercises to reflect on 2024, we'll then tune into the
big quiet, serenated by the live music of guest handpan musician Sandra

Join us for an experience that will leave you feeling peaceful & clear!


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Language: English
Registration: Is necessary
Target group: Open to everyone, incl. external participants. No experience needed.