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Ask your Prof on the US elections with Prof. Claudia Franziska Brühwiler


Di. 05.03.2024


12:15 - 13:30 Uhr



Atrium, 11-0041



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Why is the Republican party unwaveringly rallied around Donald Trump? Why have the various legal proceedings against Trump not hurt his approval rates? What role do partisan news corporations play in these federal elections? Will the elections be tampered with by cyber attacks from Russia? What challenges will President Biden face in the upcoming race? And - what if Trump wins?

Are you curious about the intricate workings of the US electoral system and the underlying dynamics of current US politics?

Join International Affairs @ HSG for an engaging Ask your Prof event on March 5 — "Super Tuesday" - exploring the upcoming US elections, its most likely outcomes and its implications for Europe as well as current conflicts in the Middle East, the war in Ukraine, and other parts of the world. Take advantage of this opportunity to interact directly with Claudia Brühwiler, Professor of American Political Thought and Culture and well-published and media-featured expert on US politics.


Registration: None
Speaker: Porf. Dr, Claudia Brühwiler, Professor of American Political Through and Culture
Language: English